Sewer Line Camera Inspection: 4 Benefits

Posted on: April 4th, 2017 by Synapse Webtech

Sewer line blockages are some of the messiest, most costly plumbing disasters possible. Issues of this magnitude call for a unique high-tech solution. That’s why Benjamin Franklin plumbers use a sewer line camera to detect sewer line blockages. Learn more about how a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing sewer line camera inspection helps you, as a homeowner, […]

Clean a Toilet Plunger: Your How-To Guide

Posted on: March 22nd, 2017 by Synapse Webtech

Wondering how to clean your toilet plunger? Good question. Your toilet plunger does a dirty job — wanting to clean it is only natural.   You keep the rest of your bathroom clean and healthy, so why does your toilet plunger get a pass for being a bonanza for e.coli, salmonella, and other bathroom germs? […]

Sump Pump Upgrades to Protect Your Finished Basement

Posted on: March 9th, 2017 by Synapse Webtech

Right now, think about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING of value in your basement. Now imagine if it was all underwater. Electronics would short out, mold would grow, and you’d be miserable. This isn’t just a hypothetical scenario. If you have a sump pump it WILL fail at some point during your lifetime. With winter coming to […]

7 Signs You Should Replace Your Hot Water Heater

Posted on: February 17th, 2017 by Synapse Webtech

Your hot water heater is the MVP of your home’s plumbing system. Think about it: this trusty appliance works hard day in and day out to provide you and your family with all of the hot water you use everyday. From your balmy shower every morning to running a load of dishes in the evening—your […]

How to Unclog a Clogged Toilet

Posted on: January 23rd, 2017 by Synapse Webtech

You’re in panic mode. You flush the toilet, but the water doesn’t go down — it comes back up. Total panic mode — this could get messy, not to mention embarrassing. When you’re facing down a massively clogged toilet there’s only two things to do: get it done or ask for help. So if you […]

Sewer Line Insurance Options for Maryland Homeowners

Posted on: January 15th, 2017 by Synapse Webtech

Picture this, you flush the toilet. The water level rises, but it doesn’t go down. Weird, it must be clogged, you think. All of sudden, it happens — and you want to scream. A brown liquid — raw sewage — bubbles up from your drain into your bathtub. Raw sewage, which contains E.coli and salmonella, […]

How Long Do You Wait for Hot Water?

Posted on: December 30th, 2016 by Synapse Webtech

Anybody here turn on the shower and just hop right in? Can I get a resounding HECK NO!—you’d freeze to death. Everyone knows you give the water at least 30 seconds — maybe a minute — to get warm before hopping in. Same story for washing your hands. You turn on the warm water…and you […]

Blocked Sewer Line Prevention: 4 Things to NEVER Flush

Posted on: December 20th, 2016 by Synapse Webtech

A blocked sewer line is a plumbing disaster you’ll never forget — we all but guarantee it. When your sewer system has a blocked sewer line, raw sewage surges up into your clean household drains, including your shower, your tub and your sinks. Just imagine the sight — and smell — of liquid feces bubbling […]

The Basics of Water Heater Repair

Posted on: January 12th, 2016 by Doug Mclendon

A hot water heater is something that nearly everyone has in his or her home, business, or office building. They are a necessity for anyone who wants to be able to wash clothing with hot water, wash their hands properly or even take a relaxing shower after a long day. Like most appliances, even this […]

How to Winterize Outdoor Faucets

Posted on: December 15th, 2015 by Doug Mclendon

With winter well underway, frozen pipes are becoming a concern across the nation. In fact, insurance companies report the majority of claims during colder months are results of either direct or indirect damage stemming from burst pipes. Though some homeowner’s policies cover this type of destruction, many providers expect proof necessary measures were taken to […]