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Your time is valuable and you are our most important asset which is why we provide you with fast, highly efficient plumbing services to install new systems or repair an annoying leak.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, each plumber in Bowie MD agrees, - If There’s Any Delay It’s You We Pay!

Along with our excellent and trained plumber services you also receive:

  • Special Coupons like this (save $300 on a NEW Water Heater)
  • Installation and repairs by professional, highly experienced plumbers
  • Every service backed by our 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Services performed to the highest standards of safety

We provide all of these services because we don’t want you to have to stress over inconvenient leaks and annoying repairs ever again.

With an established reputation for unparalleled customer service and long lasting results, we handle any of your plumbing installation and repair needs from simple to complex.

Plumbing in Bowie MD

Benjamin Franklin is proud to provide plumbing services to Bowie, MD and the surrounding area. Our once small town has grown to a population of over 50,000, making it one of the largest cities in Maryland. Unfortunately, the number of plumbing problems residents face also increases as the city grows.

That doesn’t mean you have to wait for days to get help though.

Why should you have to sit around the house all day until the plumber shows up to a service call scheduled for an unknown time between 10 and 4?

You shouldn’t, and you won’t have to when you choose us as your plumbing company in Bowie. Punctuality is company policy. Expect us to be there for our appointments on time. If unavoidable circumstances prevent us from making it on schedule, we’ll compensate you for the delay.

As trained professionals, we provide all kinds of plumbing services. We can install a hot water heater to replace an old or broken one. Be sure to ask about tankless heaters if you are in the market for a new appliance.

Tankless units heat water as needed, so they don’t waste energy keeping a vat of water warm all the time. Going tankless also means you won’t have to jump out of a suddenly cold shower.

We don’t mind doing a little drain cleaning for you in your Bowie home either though. Count on us to do whatever it takes to get your plumbing system running safely and efficiently.

We provide routine maintenance services as well. Cleaning out grime and sediment helps keep your pipes free of blockages that could trigger a clog or backup in the future.

We make good use of technological advancements when we troubleshoot plumbing and conduct repairs. Small, extendable video cameras allow us to locate leaks, clogs and other problems easily. We are also able to install trenchless sewer systems in place of your conventional line.

Standard systems require a time-consuming and expensive excavation to unearth the entire sewer pipe that runs through your yard. You can avoid all of that with a trenchless sewer. We only need to dig two small holes to install, repair or service a trenchless system.

There’s no job too big or small, so don’t hesitate to contact us even if you aren’t sure what the problem is. From commercial construction projects to replacing toilets, we do it all!

Why Are Benjamin Franklin Plumbers the Best Choice in Bowie?

We are a local company, so the people we work with are also our neighbors in the community. Expect to be treated with respect during service calls. We don’t add in hidden costs or inflate them to make a few extra dollars.

We are open about prices, so don’t hesitate to ask. All estimates are free and we’ll keep you informed of any developments as we work.

Our technicians keep the floors neat by wearing protective covering over their shoes when needed. We’ll clean up our work site before we leave, so you won’t need to grab soap and a sponge when it’s all done.

Benjamin Franklin is licensed and insured. We are certified by local authorities and obey all county, state and city legal codes when we work. You don’t have to worry about any of our installations or repairs violating the law. Just relax and let us take care of your plumbing repairs and installations!

Legal Information Relevant to Bowie

Many types of plumbing projects require government permits before they can begin. Installing new fixtures, like a sink or tub, often requires approval from officials. Benjamin Franklin can’t give you legal advice about seeking permits, but we can offer some general information about the process to give you an idea of what to expect.

Bowie residents must apply for plumbing permits from the Prince George County Department of Environmental Resources, Permits and Review Division. The city of Bowie currently does not give out permits for plumbing work. You can learn more by visiting the county department’s website at

We recommend that you make a phone call to the department during operating hours and speak with a county official so you know all the requirements and restrictions your project is subject to. Follow their instructions when completing and submitting your permit applications form.

As laws are subject to change, it’s a good idea to contact Bowie’s Building and Sign Permits to ensure your project does not need city approval. If plumbing work is part of a larger construction or renovation project, you likely need another permit from the city before you can begin work.

Call Us For More Information About Our Plumbing Services

Feel free to contact us to discuss your project. We’ll listen carefully to what you say and work with you to develop a plumbing solution that fits your schedule and budget.

We guarantee your satisfaction with our work!

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