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Fairland MD

Fairland Plumbers You Can Count On

Your plumbing is an important function in your home. Without modern working plumbing, you’d have no running water, no way to flush your waste.  These are basic amenities that every modern household shares.

With plumbing being such an important aspect to the normal and daily operation of your home, it is necessary that you establish a relationship with a skilled and trustworthy plumbing professional in Fairland MD. That is precisely what Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has to offer.

We’ve been proudly servicing the plumbing needs of Fairland homes and businesses since 2001. We employ the most talented and professional staff of technicians in the area and we pride ourselves on our speed and efficiency.

As a policy, our work vans are always fully stocked with everything we might need on a service call, so you can expect your repair or installation to be handled on the spot on the first trip. That is why we are Fairland’s premier choice for plumbing professionals.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing we work hard to provide area residents with the most complete variety of plumbing options available. We offer plumbing installations of every kind; water piping, gas lines, faucets, toilets, sinks, shutoff valves and even sump pumps.

We also repair all plumbing components including busted water pipes, leaking water heaters and the ever dangerous leaking gas line. We’ll even help you figure out the source of your elevated water bill. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and we'll stop at nothing to ensure your plumbing needs are met.

Drain Cleaning Experts Unclog Your Fairland Pipes

Clogs happen, but when they do it is usually ill timed and highly inconvenient. A clog can really get in the way of things. A clogged toilet makes your bathroom unusable. A clogged sink disallows washing dishes and hands.

When you have a clogged drain, call the pros at Ben Franklin Plumbing. We are drain cleaning experts. We have the tools and experience to unclog any drain or pipe.

For organic material buildup we have a special, all natural chemical that we use to cut right through the clog. For objects that are obstructing your piping or fixtures we have specialized tools. We utilize cutting edge technology to get the job done quickly and we do it right the first time.

Clogged drains can cause a number of problems that range from simply inconvenient to downright damaging. A simple clog can cause an overflow or flooding that can lead to water damage.

A clogged sewer drain can also allow sewer gas to be released into your home that results in headaches and nausea for all inside. Don’t suffer through these troublesome issues longer than you have to. When you experience a clog, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your Quality Water Heater Resource in Fairland

Hot water is an absolute necessity in any modern home. Not just for comfortable baths and showers, but also for sanitary cleaning. Your hot water heater may be the most important appliance in your house.

Even with proper maintenance and care your water heater’s life expectancy is typically less than 15 years, so you very well may need to replace yours before your time in your home is up. At some point within that lifespan, it is also likely you will need repairs.

Losing hot water is simply not an option given the important role it plays. But don't fret.   

The plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are the hot water heater service professionals you can count on. We repair and install all types of water heaters. From the smallest 40 gallon tanks to the industrial sized 120 gallon tanks. Whether it is a gas or electric water heater we can service it or replace it.

Another great water heater option are the tankless water heaters. Tankless heaters take up very little room, as they don’t have giant tanks that sit on your floor, but are wall mounted boxes. Also, they are extremely energy efficient and produce endless hot water.

There are even newer types of tankless water heaters that are point of use. You connect these to the major appliances and fixtures in your home and they are dedicated to that one hot water outlet. You’ll get faster hot water and pay less in energy.  We only work with the finest tankless manufacturers so we have a terrific selection to choose from.