What is a Garbage Disposal? Is Lightweight Garbage Disposal Good for Sink?

Have you been wondering why so many people are talking about garbage disposal and their benefits? If you are new relatively to this term, then the article is most suitable for you. This guide will also help you to understand how to select a garbage disposal and the features that you must look at to buy these. A garbage disposal is a device that is connected under the sink. This device all the garbage and food waste in a solid form and grinds it to fine particles so that the waste can easily go through a dispose pipe. Although, there are certain food items that you must avoid putting it in garbage disposals, some of these devices have strong motors and teeth that can easily grind bones, grease, and fat.

How to select a garbage disposal?

Choosing the right garbage disposal depends on your need. You may either visit a local home center shop and find out the various features in these trash collecting machines or browse online to check what is most suitable for you. The ones that come with lifetime warranty are the best as these have trusted motors that make less noise and work longer. Installation of a garbage disposal can either be done manually if you are good at it or calling a local plumber.

How to remove a garbage disposal waste?

Removing the device is again simple in some models and even you can do it easily. All you need to do it remove the motor unit by releasing it and simply disassemble it. Garbage disposals are also good for environment as these do not leave any stinking smell or bad odor of the leftover food and refrigerated waste. In fact, many environment protection agencies have considered it a great innovation that will help in energy and soil productivity.

Is lightweight garbage disposal good for sink?

A large portion of food waste requires a powerful motor to dispose the waste properly. Always check the horsepower of the device you are planning to install under your sink area. Any garbage disposal that you buy must have sufficient capability to dispose large and daily amount of garbage.

Here is a chart to help you with a proper structure and selection:

  • For 1 to 3 people residing in the same house, you must choose a garbage disposal that has to ½
  • Families where 4 to 6 people are living in a bigger house need to select a garbage disposal with ¾
  • 1 HP is needed for those living with more than 7 people in the same house who eat at home most times.
  • 2 HP is usually picked by industrial units and commercial offices.

Thus, more than a lightweight or heavyweight garbage disposal, you must first check the requirement of your family. It all depends on how many people use the sink, how many cook, and how many eat often at home. Hope we gave you the information you were looking at for your garbage disposal. You may also take a look at the list of best models available in the market with their features.



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